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Yellowcard formed in 1997 in Jacksonville, Florida. The band’s debut studio album was released in the same year and was titled, Midget Tossing. This is a very early release of the band’s and is currently out of print.

The band’s second album Where We Stand in 1999 and was the last record to feature Ben Dobson on vocals which Ryan Key would take over from the next record onwards. This album has been re-released twice since it’s original date, but it has a very early and different sound to what would follow through successive years.

The band did release an EP to transition their sound from hardcore punk to a softer, more melodic pop punk now that Ryan had taken over on vocal duty. The band’s next full studio album was 2001’s One For the Kids. The album received mixed reviews, mostly from those who weren’t really prepared for the different newer sound that Yellowcard have moved in to.

2003’s Ocean Avenue was the band’s first release on Capitol Records. It has been certified platinum, having sold over 1 million copies. It received critical acclaim and led the band to great success at the time.

Lights and Sounds was released in 2006 and was the band’s first concept album. It also moved the band’s sound again, this time towards an alternative rock sound, leaving behind the youthful pop punk sound. Guitarist Ben Harper left after the release of this album, making this the last album to feature him.

In 2007, Yellowcard band’s sixth studio release Paper Walls would feature Ryan Mendez for the first time and would be the last album to feature bassist Peter Mosely. This album was received pretty well by critics and continued to allow the band to grow in success.

The band moved to Hopeless Records after their 2 year hiatus. In 2011 they released When You’re  Through Thinking, Say Yes. Critics were still positive of the band’s sound despite their two year break, which let the band to head back into the studio quickly to pen more songs.

So in 2012 the band released Southern Air again to critical acclaim reaching the top on the US Billboard 200. This was also the last album to feature the band’s drummer LP. He was one the band’s remaining original and founding members still at the time.

The band’s latest release, Lift a Sail is set for release in October this year and sees the band on a new label, Razor & Tie. We await to see the outcome of this album with a new drummer.

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