Soundscape’s A-Z Of Bands: Wintersun

Wintersun 2012
Photo by Nana Simelius

This week sees us visit Finland for our next featured band for our A-Z, Wintersun.

Originally taking shape as a solo side-project to Ensiferum for Jari Mäenpää (although he did start work on Wintersun material before joining Ensiferum), when Wintersun recording sessions clashed with a planned Ensiferum tour, it resulted in Mäenpää being fired from the band and Wintersun has been his only priority ever since.

After Wintersun’s 2004 self-titled release, a permanent lineup of Kai Hahto (drums), Jukka Koskinen (bass) and Oliver Fokin (guitar) was brought together, however Fokin left near the end of the year and was replaced by Teemu Mäntysaari, and the lineup has remained constant ever since.

TrollfesT doing a spot of touristing during a Wintersun set, courtesy of Caro Ute via YouTube

Recording began for the band’s second album, the ironically titled Time, in 2006 but various problems, technical difficulties and setbacks meant that the album eventually got split into two parts and Time I didn’t see the light of day until the tail end of 2012. Mixing for Time II began in early 2013, with a release date tentatively pencilled in for early 2014.

Quite frankly, though, Time I was more than worth the wait and was of exceptional quality, so if Time II follows on from where its predecessor left off but we have to wait for it, I for one won’t be complaining!

Recommended tracks:
Death And The Healing
Land Of Snow And Sorrow
Sadness And Hate

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