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We Are The Ocean 2014We Are The Ocean first formed in 2007 in Essex. They were originally a five piece band, but are these days down to just four members.

The band’s debut full length studio album was released in 2010 after being recorded in 2009. The band had released their debut EP prior to this, but this was their first full length. Cutting Our Teeth is exactly what the band were doing in the music industry and they were doing pretty well at it with this album being received well by critics.

Go Now and Live was released in 2011 and reached number 3 in the UK Rock Album Chart and 45 in the regular UK Album Chart. But it was received well by critics in the rock music industry and band continued to see growing success with fans.

The band’s latest album was 2012’s Maybe Today, Maybe Tomorrow which was the first album without vocalist Dan Brown and saw Liam Cromby take over the permanent role of main vocals. The album was generally received well and took the band in a slightly different direction due to the sound change with member roles, but it’s one that’s generally been favourable and looks set to only lead to future more promising music with the band’s next album.

Recommended Tracks:
The Young Heart
Nothing Good Has Happened Yet
The Waiting Room

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