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Van Canto

We’re nearing the end of our first wave of bands for our A-Z, but we’re showing no signs of slowing down yet! This week, our featured band is Van Canto, a German band performing a cappella metal – music with nothing but a drumkit and vocals.

The band formed in 2006, which was also the year they released their debut album A Storm To Come, which gained infamy due to their unique take on the Metallica classic Battery. The band have since released three more albums, with their fifth album Dawn Of The Brave set to drop extremely soon (you can read our review of it here).

Although the band write a lot of their own material, they’re arguably most-known for their incredible cover songs, with them covering such songs as Manowar’s Kings Of Metal, Nightwish’s Wishmaster and Alice Cooper’s Bed Of Nails to name but three. You can check out the video for Kings Of Metal below.

Video courtesy of vancanto via YouTube.

In our recent interview with Stefan, he explained that they write and arrange their songs by firstly writing them on guitar or piano and then translating them into metal a cappella, however with their latest album, they wrote a lot of the parts simply by singing them!

It’s somewhat strange to think there is a metal band out there that don’t use any guitars in their music, but Van Canto have got a cappella metal down to an absolute art. If you haven’t heard of them yet, then what are you waiting for? Rakkatakka!

Recommended tracks:
Bad To The Bone

Van Canto: Website|Facebook|Twitter

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