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After last week’s technical hitch, our A-Z is back and this week our featured band is the magnificent TrollfesT.

Pioneers of what is probably the best genre in the world, True Norwegian Balkan Metal, they incorporate instruments such as saxophone, bouzouki, accordion, trumpet and banjos into their music, and what a mix it is! TrollfesT are just an undeniably fun band and it’s impossible not to enjoy yourself whilst listening to them.

Formed in 2003, the band released two albums (2005’s Willkommen Folk Tell Drekka Fest! and 2006’s Brakebein) before their first live performance at Barther Metal Openair in 2007. The band have since gone on to release three more full-length albums and tour the world with their critically acclaimed live performance. The tour for their most recent album saw them dressing up as bees onstage!

Karmøygeddon 2013 (Full concert) – filmed by Pål Mathiesen

Indeed, the band have released several concept albums, all set in the fantasy world of trolls created by the band. Brakebein tells the story of the search for the legendary beer, Villanden is all about a wild duck, En Kvest For Den Hellige Gral unsurprisingly tells the tale of the troll’s quest for the Holy Grail and Brumlebassen is all about Brumlebassen the beekeeper! The band’s upcoming album Kaptein Kaos is no exception, with this one telling the story of inventor Kaptein Kaos who creates a time machine! One of the best things about the albums is that they actually sound like the concept – for example, the sounds used throughout the Villanden album sound duckish and the wild guitars in Brumlebassen give the impression of a bee flying about inside your head, so it’ll be interesting to see how the band achieve the sound of an inventor!

The band are also in the process of recruiting members for their Street Team ahead of the release of Kaptein Kaos, which will give fans of the band jobs ranging from hanging up posters before a show, handing out flyers, dressing like a bee in public, dragging friends to their shows and generally spreading the word about Trollfest – with rewards for doing so. You can find out more about the street team and how to go about joining here.

To cut a long story short: TrollfesT are amazing and if you aren’t familiar with them then you’re totally missing out! But don’t just take my word for it – check them out and see for yourselves just how awesome they are.

Recommended tracks:
Finsken, Norsken Og Presten
Selvforherligende Vås
Uraltes Elemente

Trollfest: Website|Facebook|Twitter

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