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Relentless LIVE, London 19.10.13 - The Xcerts

The Xcerts are a three piece band that formed in Aberdeen, Scotland in 2001. The band were still very young and only of school age. But it had beginnings enough to allow them to record two EPs.

Many years down the line and after a line up change and a move to Brighton, the band would record their first studio album, In The Cold Wind We Smile in 2009. The band had already built a bit of a name for themselves in the underground scene in the UK by years of extensive touring all over the country. So when the album was released it was met with critical praise from those who had been waiting a while for it.

Fans and critics did not have to wait long for the band’s second studio album this time round. Scatterbrain arrived in 2010. This was also received very well by critics and continued to boost the band’s popularity allowing them to tour even more with more bands and more headline shows across the UK.

The Xcerts sort of went into to an inadvertent studio album hiatus after this. They released an EP in 2011 and have done nothing since until recently.

The band’s third studio album is due for release in November of this year and is titled There Is Only You. We cannot currently comment on how good this album is or was, so you’ll just have to keep peeled to the site for our review later in the year, all we know is we’re excited to hear what the guys are back with.

Recommended Tracks:
Crisis In the Slow Lane

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