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The Used 2014

Forming in 2001 in Utah, The Used burst onto the scene with a massive tune and have yet to go away which certainly makes us happy. Their albums have had slight musical changes, but have overall kept that same The Used flair and flavour that has kept their fan base as strong as ever.

Their debut album was a self-titled release in 2002 on Reprise Records. The album has been certified gold in Australia, Canada and the US. But despite not charting particular special anywhere worldwide, the singles received a lot of television coverage on MTV2 and made the band rather popular in it’s own underground type scene.

From there The Used released their second album in 2004 called In Love and Death. The album was received very well by critics and allowed the band to push their success even further. Fans of The Used still believe this to be one of the best albums that the band has ever released.

The Used’s third studio album was 2007’s Lies For The Liars. This was the first album to not feature original drummer Branden Steineckert and instead drum tracks were recorded by the, at the time, Good Charlotte drummer, Dean Butterworth.

The album received mixed reviews from critics, however it made it into the top ten in Australia, Canada and the United States, as well as charting fairly well in many other countries.

2009 saw the band’s next album, Artwork, released. This was the first album to have not been produced by John Feldmann. It received mixed reviews again with critics, but it also didn’t chart as well as The Used’s previous release.

The band released their fifth studio album, Vulnerable in 2012 and returned John Feldmann to the role of producer for this release. The album was again mixed for reviews, although many more seemed generally more favourable this time. However, the album still did not sell particularly well and while the band clearly still had a dedicated fan base, they were still not growing in popularity worldwide.

Their latest album was released just this year. You can read our review of Imaginary Enemy here. This latest album has been received well by many critics and seems to bring a new sound and a new style of The Used that will not only keep their solid fan base, but also bring in new fans. It’s exactly what the band needed, and we wait to see what they can do next time round.

Recommended Tracks:
Blood On My Hands
Generation Throwaway
Take It Away
The Bird And The Worm
The Taste Of Ink

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