Soundscape’s A-Z Of Bands: The Iniquity Descent

Photo by Jukki Finholm.

Unless you guys have been living under a rock, it’s probably fairly obvious by now that I’m very into my underground Finnish metal, despite living over a thousand miles away in the very metal location of North Wales. In all honesty, it was a no-brainer about who I wanted to feature for the A-Z this week: the talented The Iniquity Descent (one of my personal favourite bands) who come from – wait for it – Finland!

Formed in late 2009, the five-piece released their first EP entitled Trust The Serpent in 2010 and have been churning out quality releases ever since.

The thing that gets you about the band is their sheer catchiness, with them bringing the riffs and walls of guitars like it’s nobody’s business! I’ve yet to find a band that sounds quite like them, and they have quite a distinctive and almost groove-filled sound with a humongous amount of power behind it all. Each release of theirs is chock-full of massive tunes and well-constructed noise.

Video courtesy of massacrerecords via YouTube.

The band have released three music videos so far and the video above is their first, An Empty Temple, which is probably one of the catchiest songs known to man. Perhaps I’m biased, as this was the first track I heard by them, but the way the track slowly builds up into a killer guitar-line full of riffs, with crashing perfectly punctuated cymbals and awesome rumbling bass underneath is really something to behold, and as a whole the song is just something you can keep coming back to.

2012 saw the release of their debut album The Human Apheresis, which is a great place to start with if you’re just getting into them, and can be bought directly from the band by contacting them via email.

If you’re going to check out one band this week, then make sure it’s The Iniquity Descent. You won’t be disappointed, I promise!

Recommended tracks:
An Empty Temple
The Invisible

The Iniquity Descent: Facebook

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