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Wales have produced many bands over the years, known quite as unique as Skindred. They invented their own genre because there wasn’t one for them. Raggapunk/raggametal (reggae punk/reggae metal) is still pretty much unique to Skindred and it’s still pretty much as exciting as the first time it was heard over a decade ago.

Skindred formed in 1998 after Benji Webbe’s previous band Dubwar disbanded. They released their debut album in 2002, Babylon but left record label RCA in 2004 and re-released their album with their new label. The album was well received by critics and it kick started Skindred’s unique sound.

Their second album was Roots Rock Riot released in 2007. This album continued on the bands unique sound and was again received well by critics. Shark Bites and Dog Fights, the band’s third studio album was released in 2009. The band only had 3 weeks to record the album before they head out on tour, so their producer joined them on the road and the band would write and record on the road. The album was mostly received well.

In 2011 the band released Union Black. The album was originally supposed to feature more collaborations but it was hard to schedule time in during the recording. However the lead single, Warning featured Jacoby Shaddix of Papa Roach. The album was received well due to its incorporation of dub step, hip hop and drum and bass along with the classic Skindred sound making it even more unique than their previous sound.

The bands most recent album was released at the beginning of this year. Kill The Power is about standing up for what is right and not just fighting the power, but killing it. It’s about killing that bad habit, that bad relationship, that bad job etc. the band wanted to get the message of truly standing up for yourself and really making the change. The album was received well and showcases that Skindred are still as good and truly unique as ever. We look forward to future releases from the band.

Recommended Tracks:
Rat Race

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