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After a three-week break, our A-Z is back again and who better to continue with than one of our favourite bands, Silent Voices? (Although let’s be honest, this choice for ‘S’ probably comes as no surprise because you guys probably saw this coming a mile off!)

Formed in 1995, the band released an EP with keyboardist Henrik on vocals entitled Nothing Lasts Forever along with an accompanying video before enlisting vocalist Michael, who stayed with the band for their next three albums before leaving the band in 2006.

After a prolonged hiatus, Silent Voices are now back and 2013 saw them play three shows – two UK gigs in Cardiff and London, and one festival in the Czech Republic with the very capable Teemu Koskela providing live vocals (ahead of him officially joining the band later on in the year). We were at the Cardiff show and you can check out a live video of Blood Of Eden here:

2013 also saw the band release their best album yet entitled Reveal The Change (check out our special in-depth track-by-track feature here) and it features guest vocals from a whole host of talented vocalists, as well as showcasing the incredible abilities of Teemu in the blinding opening track.

The band have recently reworked two of their older tracks with Koskela on vocals – On The Wings Of Rage and Blood Of Eden, which can both be downloaded from their website for COMPLETELY FREE so what are you waiting for? It really is incredible how something as simple as a different vocalist can change the dynamics and give the two tracks a whole new lease of life. Whilst the two original versions of the tracks were awesome already, the remixed versions are on a whole new level and are definitely worth checking out if you haven’t already heard them.

Quite honestly, I could sit here and sing the praises of Silent Voices forever. They really are incredible and I feel massively proud to call them one of my favourite bands. But please don’t take my word for it – check them out and get involved because you won’t regret it.

Recommended tracks:
Fear Of Emptiness
On The Wings Of Rage (2013 Remix)
Blood Of Eden (2013 Remix)
Black Water
Once Lost Life

Silent Voices: Website|Facebook|Twitter

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