Soundscape’s A-Z Of Bands: Rusty Shackle

rusty shackle

Our A-Z is going to be taking a break for Christmas, so our featured band for the next two weeks is the rather brilliant Rusty Shackle.

A six-piece folk band, they’ve been taking the UK by storm since 2011 and have one of the best and energetic live shows in the business. It’s impossible for you to go to one of their gigs and not have a good time because the music, atmosphere and performance itself are always great, especially since they like to sometimes have a laugh onstage (they do a rather brilliant medley of covers that includes the hokey cokey and a Cheeky Girls cover)!

It’s not just onstage that they like to have a bit of fun, as evidenced in this rather amusing video below that is taken from their YouTube account, where they leave their bassist/mandolinist Baz behind at a service station…just watch!

It’s not just fun and games though, as the band have two amazing albums to their name – Wash Away These Nights and The Bones. We gave the latter full marks when we recently reviewed it, but don’t just take our word for it because it’s had rave reviews from elsewhere as well! A well-rounded mix of songs, you can’t go wrong with it and it’s a feel-good album that makes you want to smile and dance every time you listen to it.

Check this band out – you won’t be disappointed.

Recommended tracks:
Beating Heart Of A Kingdom
Driving Into The Dust

Rusty Shackle: Website|Facebook|Twitter

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