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ReubenOne of the most underrated British bands of all time. They were the underground champions. They had a big fan base and wrote amazing songs, but for some reason Reuben never really broke that big time which is just crazy because they were easily one of the best bands around at the time.

The band formed with it’s first official line up as Reuben in 2000 and released their first EP Pilot in 2001 before changing drummers one final time to their permanent line up.

Their debut full length Racecar Is Racecar Backwards was released in 2004 with received mixed reviews. Independent critics liked the album and praised the band for their unique sound and their independent feel. However major critics found the album disjointed.

In 2005, the band released their next album Very Fast Very Dangerous. This time the album was received well by mainstream critics who called it more complete, whilst independent reviewers disliked the together nature of the record, labelling as boring in comparison to the previous record.

In Nothing We Trust was released in 2007 and was more in depth the previously simplified album Very Fast Very Dangerous. This was the band’s best received album by all critics, claiming it was an in depth and a stronger release for the band.

The band went into hiatus in 2008 mostly due to financial reasons. All the members have made other music in many other forms since, most recently vocalist Jamie Lenman had released his solo album, but Reuben have not made any plans to perform together again or make any new music together. It would however be lovely to hear them again even if it’s just a one off show, or maybe 3 and do an album a night, like Brigade did a few years back. We can but hope.

Recommended Tracks:
Freddy Kruger
Scared of the Police
Deadly Lethal Ninja Assassin

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