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Papa RoachPapa Roach first formed in Vacaville, California in 1993 and released their debut self-produced album via their own indie record label in 1997. This was titled Old Friends from Young Years and was re-released for fanclub members later on.

But it was in 2000 when they released Infest on major label DreamWorks that they found commercial success. The album has been certified 3 times platinum by the Records Institute Association of America.

Papa Roach’s next album was Love, Hate, Tragedy released in 2002. It was still very much nu metal like their previous album. It didn’t however, sell as well as the first major label release but it was received well by critics and was still certified gold in the US, Canada and the UK.

Their fourth album was released in 2004, titled Getting Away With Murder. It was the first album that saw the band step away from nu metal. This departure from nu metal split critics and produced mixed reviews. However the album still went platinum in the United States and the singles from the album were well received, charting high.

The next album, The Paramour Sessions was released in 2007. This album was named as such for the band hired out The Paramour Mansions for pre-production of the album.

The band’s sixth album, Metamorphosis was released in 2009. The album receives mixed reviews, some stating they like the mature Papa Roach sounds, others claiming the band are mixing with genres that don’t suit them. The album sold well in Canada, but other than it’s first week had poorer sales in the US. However, the overall sales are still in line with modern day standards.

The band’s latest album is The Connection, released in 2012. It also received mixed reviews from critics mostly based on the fact the band tried to combine all the elements of Papa Roach and make it feel more complete from their new sound to their old sound and everything in between. Some critics loved this mixed up style, others felt it was disjointed. Either way the album sold well enough.

Papa Roach are currently in the studio working on their eighth studio album which they hope to release around September or October 2014. We await to hear what the band have decided on next.

Recommended Tracks:
Night of Love
…To Be Loved
Between Angels and Insects
Getting Away With Murder
Where Did All The Angels Go

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