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Ocean Colour Scene 2013

Brit pop titans Ocean Colour Scene first formed in Birmingham in 1989. The band released their first album, a self titled release in 1992. However their label at the time was swallowed up by a bigger label and was remixed against the bands wishes. Therefore the band discount their album as it wasn’t really their own choice of style or sound.

The bands next release was in 1995. Moseley Shouls was a huge success for the band, reaching number 2 in the UK. The bands third album Marchin’ Already was released in 1997. The album was made up of tracks from the bands huge back catalogue that they had built up since forming many years previously. It went to number 1 in the UK.

In 1999 the band released their fourth album, One From The Modern. Which according to critics was anything but. It was critically panned and called tired and boring. They labelled it “dad rock”. It was probably because at the time, the successful Britpop was on its way out and the bands genre was rapidly becoming unpopular.

2001’s Mechanical Wonder would be the bands last album released with their label at the time as they released themselves from the contract after the release if the album. Britpop was well and truly dead and it seemed any success the band had experienced only a few years before had greatly dwindled too. This album entered the charts at number 7 and would be the last time the band saw the top ten.

The band chose to release their next album in 2003. North Atlantic Drift received mixed reviews and despite receiving some radio play for singles, the album overall did not fair well charting only ya number 14. This would be the last album with the original line up.

The next album A Hyperactive Workout for the Flying Squad was released in 2005 and despite critics giving it fair reviews, the album was a commercial flop. It charted at only number 30 in the UK and it seemed even OCS’s fans were growing tired of them.

The band have released 3 more albums to date. 2007’s On The Leyline, which spent only one week inside the top 75. 2010’s Saturday which faired better making it to 35 and the bands latest release, Painting which was released in 2013. Their latest album was their worst charting ever since the bands beginning and it seems that Ocean Colour Scene would need to make some drastic changes if they are to see the success that they once did.

So why are they on out A-Z, you ask? Because when OSC were good they were really good. It’s a shame their career has essentially gone down the pan since then. But it would be wonderful if the band could just re-release riverboat song for an anniversary and make themselves even mildly relevant again. You never know what the future holds in the music industry.

Recommended Tracks:
The Riverboat Song
The Day We Caught The Train
Hundred Mile High City

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