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Incubus first formed in 1991 when the original members were still in High School. But the band would not release their debut full length until 1995.

Fungus Amongus was really unheard of around it’s 1995 release and wouldn’t really be known of until it’s 2000 re-release on another label, however it would not be received well by critics who felt Incubus were trying to be something they were not.

The band’s next album S.C.I.E.N.C.E would be released in 1997 and would receive quite a lot of praise from critics. It would blend a mix of genre’s skilfully and work in sounds that other bands in the genre simply could not manage. It has since been certified gold in the US.

In 1999, Incubus would release their breakthrough album Make Yourself. It would features the tracks Pardon Me, Stellar and Drive. All would go on to be rather successful singles, especially Drive; which saw the band receive regular airplay on radio and TV. The album has since been certified double platinum in the United States.

2001’s Morning View however would completely top even the previous success of Make Yourself and would make it to number 2 in the Billboard 200. The album has been certified double platinum in the US and would take Incubus even further with their success.

It wouldn’t be until 2004 that Incubus would release their next album, A Crow Left Of Murder… The Album would again reach number 2 on the Billboard 200 and would be certified platinum. There are many explanations about the album’s title and messages, but overall it was an album that would truly break Incubus away from the music of the time.

The band’s sixth studio album Light Grenades gave the band their first US Billboard 200 number 1. It however has overall not sold as well to date as the band’s previous two releases. The album was at number 1 for just 1 week, falling to number 37 on the charts in it’s second week, proof if ever any were needed at how the music industry was really changing and heading in a more digital direction at the time. However, despite this, the album did receive mostly positive reviews from critics.

Their next release, If Not Now, When? however did not. Reviews did not praise this album as it had with previous Incubus releases and the music was labelled as “slow and tired”. Could it be Incubus had simply produced too many albums in a short space of time?

Maybe so, because Incubus haven’t released a record since and if word is to believed we won’t see another record until 2015 earliest, but we’re ok with that. Nothing like a band taking a bit of a break to rekindle their creative genius before they throw everything they have at us full force.

Recommended Tracks:
Pardon Me
Nice To Know You

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