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glittertind (fiona sand)

This week our featured band is a personal favourite of mine; the incredibly talented Glittertind, a band from Norway that plays a stunning blend of folk, metal and punk.

Glittertind began life in 2001 as a one-man project of Torbjørn Sandvik, who took the name of the band from a famous Norwegian mountain, and the band’s first full-length album Evige Asatro was released in 2004 through Karmageddon Media – although it was originally released as a demo a year previously. Recorded in Torbjørn’s bedroom at his parent’s house when he was only seventeen, with all the instruments and production done by himself, and motivated by an anger towards the political side of Christianity, and it became a critically acclaimed album.

A mini-album, Til Dovre Faller, was the band’s next release and was released on Norway’s day of independence, May 17 2005, 100 years after Norway’s independence from Sweden in 1905. Additionally, the mini-album has a duration of 18:14, which was the year that Norway got its constitution – 1814.

2008 brought change to the band, seeing the addition of Geirmund Simonsen to the lineup, and Glittertind also signed to Napalm Records before releasing Landkjenning in 2009, which was a success for the band and saw the song Går min eigen veg listed on Norway’s most popular radio channel NRK P1.

In 2010 Glittertind got a full lineup, in response to a performance request at Karmøygeddon metal festival, with Stefan Theofilakis joining on flutes, Geir Holm on drums, Olav Aasbø on lead guitar and Bjørn Nordstoga on bass. Previous members Torbjørn took on vocal and rhythm guitar responsibilities and Geirmund played accordion, acoustic guitar and synth.

Glittertind performing Kvilelaus live at Lindmo in 2014

In 2013, Glittertind released their strongest album to date, the mindblowing Djevelsvart. We described it as nothing short of a work of art and I wouldn’t hesitate to call it the best album of 2013, if not the best album of all time. Quite simply, Glittertind created a masterpiece with Djevelsvart and it’s a timeless piece that will still sound incredible in years to come.

With this album, Glittertind got A-listed and played with the highest playing frequency on Norway’s most popular radio channel NRK P1, which is the Norwegian equivalent to Radio One, with Kvilelaus and even performed it on Lindmo (the video for which can be viewed above), which is essentially the Norwegian answer to the Oprah Winfrey show.

In September, the band headed to the studio to begin work on their next album, and if Djevelsvart is anything to go by, then the follow-up will surely be a masterpiece as well.

Whilst you wait for news of the new album, you can read our interview with Geirmund here.

Recommended tracks:
Går Min Eigen Veg
En Stille Morgen – 1349

Glittertind: Website|Facebook|Twitter

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