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For the past five and a half years, I have been incredibly proud to tell anyone that will listen that my favourite band is Ghostlines, so quite honestly it was a no-brainer about who to choose when it came to the letter G of our A-Z feature – despite the fact that they’ve been completely inactive for nearly three years straight.

Describing their lineup is somewhat of a complicated business. Originally starting out as an offshoot of The Future, featuring Ben, Gavin B and Rich from the aforementioned band alongside Ryan from Funeral For A Friend, it’s now easiest just to describe Ghostlines as a side project of FFAF due to the fact that three of the members have now been involved in that band as well!

Formed in 2008, the ethos of this band was incredibly simple: to make music at their own pace and release each track for free download once they’re fully completed, with the attitude that you can make your own Ghostlines album and choose your own tracklist for it, which is certainly a unique approach when it comes to getting your stuff out there!

Not a band known for their frequent live shows, I’ve been lucky enough to have been one of the few people to have seen them twice, including a laughably memorable Swansea show at Milkwood Jam that I travelled for six hours to get to. It saw Ben and Gavin play a two-man show due to Ryan and Rich being unable to make it due to being snowed in, and the pair of them got laughably drunk whilst playing an unforgettable set littered with mistakes and hilarity. I also managed to catch the full band play a set in Bridgend a few months later, performing a massively tight show and proving that their songs translate just as well in a live environment as they do in the studio. This is a band whose live show is perfect.

Ben and Gavin playing ACID during ‘that’ infamous Swansea show – still quite sober at this point!

It’s difficult to pinpoint their sound – it is probably best described as acoustic/electronica – but the best way to appreciate them is just to give them a listen. The vast majority of their tracks are all on their good old MySpace (yup – back in the day before facebook became the ‘thing’ for bands!) which is linked below, and their music is the biggest breath of fresh air you could ever encounter. You could be having a terrible day, but putting on their songs and listening to their calming and soothing influence can do absolute wonders.

Oh, and if that’s not enough? They contributed a cover of Iron Maiden’s Brave New World to the Kerrang CD Maiden Heaven and truly put their own spin on it, and it wound up being one of the best-received tracks of the album!

Check this band out – I truly cannot sing their praises enough. To say this band is perfect is an understatement.

Recommended tracks:
Brave New World
Midnight Accomplice

Ghostlines: MySpace|Twitter

Fan of Ghostlines, or maybe just discovering them for the first time? Let us know what you think below – get involved and spread the love!

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