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If you haven’t heard of Funeral For A Friend yet…then where on earth have you been? With six albums, four EPs, numerous live albums and a greatest hits album under their collective belt, you certainly can’t say this five-piece haven’t done well for themselves.

They rose to fame with the success of their critically acclaimed album Casually Dressed And Deep In Conversation and their track Juneau from it is still considered an anthem almost ten years later, which is an achievement in itself.

The band also used to run an infamous YouTube channel which featured some criminally hilarious videos about them getting very excited about ice cream, ex-member Ryan singing a somewhat improvised track about the white cliffs of Dover and Matt giving a very heartfelt performance of a Genesis song. Whilst their YouTube channel may now just feature tour videos and music videos like most other bands these days, clicking back through it brings up a whole myriad of amusing short videos from times gone by and you can easily waste a lot of time watching them! Check out this particularly amusing video of them celebrating the fact they had a song played on Eastenders:

Courtesy of the marvellous FuneralTube channel.

Showing that they’re a band for the fans, in more recent years the band have played sets containing their Casually Dressed And Deep In Conversation album in full, and on their upcoming UK tour will be playing their first two EPs Between Order And Model and Four Ways To Scream Your Name in full.

Their current release Conduit is one of their strongest releases to date and really cements the fact that they’re a band that really are on top of their game. One of the best things about this band is that you never quite know what they’re going to do next, so it will be very interesting to see where their next album will take them.

Recommended tracks:
Built To Last

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