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Crazy Town

So this week we cover Crazy Town, not everyone’s favourite band. In fact they’re not mine either, but they’re back and frankly they definitely were all about the nu metal at the height of it’s fame. Plus they really did have some fantastic gems hidden in amongst what most consider utter crap. I don’t lean that far. I rather enjoy bits of their extreme WTF type nu metal, but I REALLY enjoy the songs that stand head and shoulders above the others as actually being a genuinely good piece of writing.

The first album, The Gift of the Game, shot the band to fame when single Butterfly went number 1 in 15 countries (it reached number 3 here – which is nothing to snub at for any rock music). The album was later, thanks to Butterfly’s success, certified platinum in the US, having sold over 1 and a half million copies.

It definitely boasts all the elements of nu metal, including the samples and mixing from the band’s DJ and a hefty bit of rapping, alongside the heavily distorted guitars. It’s not the best album in the world, but it did shoot the band to fame with a ton of sales.

Unfortunately for Crazy Town, I personally thought they had started to move towards a more mature sound and writing style with their second album, but it wasn’t the huge success that Butterfly gave the band with the first album and therefore they were dropped by their label.

The second album, Darkhorse was released in 2002 and was produced by Howard Benson and aimed slightly more at the rock end of the nu metal spectrum. The album featured single Drowning. This was to me, the best song Crazy Town has ever written and it was everything nu metal should have been.

Crazy Town will be playing Download Festival this year and whilst I’m not sure nu metal is really making it’s come back this year, it helps that Linkin Park are to be playing the whole of Hybrid Theory as their headline set. We just await to see if this could bring this band back onto the road they should’ve continued to head down all those years ago, or if once again it will all end in disaster.

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Hurt You So Bad

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