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Billy Talent

We’re off to Canada for this week’s featured band. The letter B is for Billy Talent and what a long career they’ve had now. Just a few months back the band released a picture of themselves when they first began and I suddenly realised how much time had passed since the first time I saw that image and now.

Billy Talent have been around since 1993, but they were called Pezz then and didn’t really hit our shores until 2003, having changed their name to Billy Talent in 1999. If you’re old enough to really remember ‘Try Honesty’ you’ll remember how catchy the single was and it shot the band to mainstream success.

Their first album, simply titled Billy Talent contained this song and a host of others that brought about what would quickly become the familiar Billy Talent signature sound.

There are few bands with a sound so uniquely them and at the same time, so uniquely able to use for other stranger things. If you youtube Dr Teeth and the Electric Mayhem (the band from The Muppets), play the video and mute the sound and play Billy Talent on your iTunes library you’ll soon see what I mean. It’s a wonderful mixture of funny and strange.

2006 saw the release of Billy Talent II and with the band’s second album came their first Canadian number 1 record and they also reached number 1 in Germany. Cementing that as the band grew; so did their success. The signature sound was still there, but the band had matured and so had the overall feel to their songs.

The band’s third album, oddly enough called Billy Talent III gave the band another Canadian number 1 record and saw the band call on their touring buddies from the previous year to lay some guest vocals to a track when it was released in single form. Justin Sane and Chris #2 from Anti-Flag would lend their lungs to Turn Your Back, which would quickly become a punk rock success, gaining airplay on Radio 1’s punk rock show.

Dead Silence is the band’s fourth album and their latest, released in 2012. The title is the first to not feature the band name and it’s because the band claimed to have finished their trilogy of albums and be moving on with a slightly different sound. The signature Billy Talent sound still seems mostly there to me and it certainly boasts elements of punk, but it also brings in some more groove orientated sounds and mixes in a bit of classic rock. It’s an even more mature sound again, which shows the band have really grown since that first image was taken.

Recommended Tracks:

Try Honesty
The River
Turn Your Back
Viking Death March

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