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Welcome to a brand new feature for the site! Every Monday (aka #musicmonday) I will be posting all about a fantastic band that deserves your attention – the “gimmick” being that each one begins with a different letter of the alphabet. I will be going from A-Z before starting at the beginning again, and hopefully generating a great bit of discussion about each band featured! This is also going to be highly interactive, with you, the readers, able to suggest bands to feature in the future – although the first lot of bands have already been chosen, I will be more than open to suggestions for the next round!

Without further ado, let me introduce you to Antlered Man.

Photo taken from the band’s facebook page.

Formed in 2011, this unique-sounding band have already been on numerous tours with some fantastic bands: And So I Watch You From Afar and Exit_International, to name but two! To say that this band have got a marvellous live show is somewhat of an understatement, as the sheer amount of passion shown by all of the members really shines through, as well as how ‘together’ they are. Just check out this performance of their track Misruly Roo, filmed at Astra, Berlin.

Video courtesy of Antlered Man via youtube.

Antlered Man currently have one album under their belt, Giftes 1 & 2, which was released in June 2011. It is definitely something to check out if you like your music different, experimental and noisy, or even if you just fancy trying something new. Their second album, This Devil Is Them! is set to drop on October 14 via Heavy Sounds and if it is anywhere near as unique and interesting as their first release, you can be sure it will be worth watching out for.

Recommended tracks:
Surrounded By White Men
Outrages 1 Ta 3
Sugar Sugar, (The Archies cover)

Giftes 1 & 2 can be bought in a physical or digital format from their bandcamp page, where you can also download their track Platoono Of Uno and their cover of Sugar, Sugar for free.

What do you think of Antlered Man? Let us know in the comments below and if you have any other songs to recommend, then fire away!

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