Ayria – Audio, Glasgow 10/06/16

ayriaWith Download Festival taking place on this weekend, its presence felt in numbers, it was with dedication that the following acts took to the stage to put on an entertaining and energetic performance. Perfect practice makes perfect.

Also worth a mention was the aggrieved sound of Pertubator that was heard betwixt acts searing through the PA system. Setting the tone for cyber sleuths and electronic music fantasists who came to Audio for some dastardly electro and moving in on that momentum with a jump to the left and a step to the right Scottish duo The Van Dammage ventured back to the future.

Heavily inspired by that time when everyone wanted a DeLorien to fly without wings their ready to rock attitude had a suburban super sound that pumped up the jam through the venue. Was it the road to hell or heaven on earth.

Worth a pinch it was quintessentially karaoke/fury. A great set but a lazy show. Also as obtuse as the eighties were, and without explanation; Thumb sex, because that’s what it looked like.

Flying off that excitement came Inertia whose frenetic performance was both engaging and chalked with charm. Embracing a local custom by imbibing the purple wine of local favour these guys were warm in sound and heart. With a theatrical presence too. It was defeated in the loudness of the mix, that fractured the dynamics of the venue, giving the impression of Depeche Mode going through Googles’ Deep Dream system.

Bearing that in mind Ayria came on like a whisper to a scream. The headline act attracting a murder of goths hyped and happy to dance to the dark rave from the salient international troupe.

The band were prepared and the show well rehearsed. Even though the room was spartan of bodies they did good finding their level on to the crowd. Playing some older songs to keep the floor on its feet, and new songs to introduce an aural treat. It was spacious enough to enjoy dancing without offending anyones’ drinking habit.

The atmosphere grew and afflicted the small crowd with love. The room reluctant to move on so quickly was graced with the encore and it felt special within such an intimate setting. The sound desk duffers forgiven in a pool of bleeding hearts. It was good fun forgetting that Download was that weekend.


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