A World Defined – In Absence Review

A World Defined In AbsenceA World Defined are back with their new EP In Absence and it’s a pretty little listen that has a wonderfully relaxed and chilled melodic tone to it, mixed in with a few injections of heaviness for good measure. Although it doesn’t really stand out from the crowd content- and genre-wise, for what it is, it’s an enjoyable listen that’s easy on the ears.

In Absence, the title track, is perhaps the strongest of the EP and it has a fantastic vocal performance throughout and features a huge chorus that sounds like it’s been made for a live environment – I can already hear crowds singing it back at them! The softer sections between the somewhat heavier parts work well, juxtaposing against each other, and it’s an all-round great track that plays on the band’s strengths.

Admittedly, there are a few slightly weaker and slightly generic-sounding tracks on the EP that sound fairly similar to one another, but there’s nothing that stands out as being terrible. Although there is a little bit of room for improvement, it’s certainly a release that A World Defined should be proud of and it serves as a great stepping stone on the way to working on and releasing their debut album.


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