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We’re really enjoying Awooga’s excellent EP Alpha – you can keep an eye out for our review coming soon! We also caught up with the band to get an insight into their music tastes, so whilst you wait, why not check out the music and get involved below?

A song that influenced them
The theme from “Red Dwarf”

This pretty much sums up our lives, fun in the sun, drinking mango juice and playing guitar in space. When you’re in a band it often feels like an episode or Red Dwarf, the same few people in different strange places.

A song they wish they could have written
Rush – Subdivisions

We all think this tune is amazing, so much so we learned to play it used to cover it a few years ago. Space rock at it’s finest. Plus we all get to pretend we’re members in Rush too which we all used to pretend to do when we were younger. No wonder we’re such a hit with the girls.

Their favourite Awooga song

This tune is a sledgehammer of a song and it shows our heavy and melodic sides. It’s reflective of us as a whole, straightforward at it’s core but with many layers, like an onion. Apart from if you cut us we cry not you.

A song they’ve been listening to a lot recently
Gojira – The Shooting Star

We put the Magma album on at our a recent rehearsal whilst we set up and the opening song blew us all away. Now we put it on most soundchecks and drives! Nothing better than an angry French dude screaming about shooting stars to get you going.

Their all time favourite song
Cardiacs – Is This The Life?

These guys maybe our favourite band of all time, and this song is just timeless. This song works on us no matter what mood we’re in, even when James (guitar) is harping on about how much of a genius Kanye is.

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