Awooga – Alpha Review

awooga-alphaAlpha is the debut EP from Sheffield sludge/experimental outfit Awooga, but don’t let their name fool you – this EP is a very honest and powerful release with no gimmicks or tricks.

Sounding like a release from a more established band rather than a debut offering, Alpha is a very well-constructed piece that makes for very enjoyable listening. The fuzzy sludge undertones beneath the clean and crisp melodies works well for the band’s sound, as it makes it more unique and sets them apart from the crowd. There’s a lot of bands out there doing exactly the same thing as one another, so this is very refreshing to listen to.

Second track On Intermission is one of the stronger tracks of the piece and features some awesome musicianship. The wall of guitars packs a real punch, and the more technical moments give the track a lot more bite, especially when juxtaposed against the sparser dividing sections. Additionally, the smoothly delivered vocals during these moments are a particular highlight too, and add a nice bit of melancholy to the music.

As a whole, this is a good, strong debut offering – and if their debut alone is this good, then we can surely expect great things from their full-length!


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