Awaiting The Answer – Awaiting The Answer Review

awaiting-the-answerAwaiting The Answer’s self-titled EP is an intriguing release that spans across a couple of different styles and approaches, and it makes for great listening as a result.

As a melo-doom fan, it has to be said that the heavy introduction to the opening track No Innocence really grabbed my interest and the emotive vocals coupled with the crushing instrumentation are tremendous, especially with the brief addition of harsh vocals before the track shifts into a more ‘standard’ metal approach. The transition from one style to the next is done really well and the flow isn’t interrupted, which is great to hear.

Another fantastic track is middle song Lakes Of Stone. Starting with a slower and more stripped-back approach, the gentle instrumentation juxtaposes well against the more powerfully delivered vocals and then the track progresses into a fuller and rounder sound to really make an impact before the song goes full circle and ends much in the same fashion that it begins, which is very clever songwriting.

As a whole, it’s just a catchy EP. There’s plenty of occasions where you’ll find yourself humming along to choruses or tapping your foot along to the beat, and Awaiting The Answer also sounds like it would be fantastic to witness in a live environment due to the energy and momentum.


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