Avenged Sevenfold/Stone Sour – Hammersmith Apollo, London 30/10/10


Stone Sour take to the stage after Queen’s We Will Rock You is played in it’s entirety, complete with the crowd clapping in time to the tune like they do in the video. They rock through their mixed set, including a few newbies from Audio Secrecy. The crowd cheers and chants of “Corey Corey” erupt but nothing is more fantastic than when they end their set with 30 30 150. That would’ve easily been a perfect end to an amazing gig. But A7X have to play yet.

When Nightmare starts the audience go insane. Matt declares, “I’m too far from you guys. I’m coming in” and then jumps into the crowd. He re-emerges a few moments later. His top is in shreds and someone throws him a homemade Jimmy shirt to him. He wears it the rest of the night. The set rolls through a real mix of their albums and I’d have been fine had they not played So Far Away and dedicated it to Jimmy. My tissue needing teary-eyed prediction was correct. I blubbered like a baby. That man had such a profound effect on me as a drummer and his lust for life is something I hope to one day hold in my hands just like he did.

They rocked through Afterlife and Unholy Confessions before letting the crowd pick the last song between Almost Easy and Bat Country. Of course Bat Country won and I’m glad cause the show wouldn’t have felt right without it.

If you missed this tour, you won’t see anything like it again for a very long time.


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