Avatarium – The Girl With The Raven Mask Review

Avatarium - The Girl With The Raven Mask - ArtworkThe Girl With The Raven Mask is the second full-length album from Avatarium, following on from their self-titled debut and recent EP All I Want. Whilst their debut was a magnificent piece of work, with The Girl With The Raven Mask, it really feels like the band have found their identity and it subsequently makes for a very rewarding listen.

Taking no prisoners with the feisty opener that also serves as the album’s title track, you can tell that Avatarium mean business and the sheer energy projected from the instrumentation is absolutely magnificent – it’s just a hard-hitting and energetic number, and the vocal performance is stunning to, with vocalist Jennie-Ann giving a versatile and varied delivery of several different vocal styles during the track’s four-minute duration.

The album continues strongly from there and another highlight is the more psychedelic number Hypnotized which almost gives the feeling of you being hypnotised yourself, especially from the instrumentation. The keys have this funky, groovy vibe to them throughout and the guitar bends in the latter half of the track is truly something to behold. Additionally, the guitar solo in the latter half of the track is stunning on a more standard level, with a phenomenal amount of complexity to it.

Looking at the album as a full picture, one of the best things about it is simply how easy it is to get into – this isn’t one of those slow-burning albums that requires a few listens before you can fully get into it, The Girl With The Raven Mask is an instant hit and you’ll be hooked by the end of the first track alone, it truly is that addictive. Avatarium have struck gold with this album.


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