Autere – Amal’l Review

Autere AmallAfter a slew of demos and EPs, Autere have finally delivered their debut album Amal’l, and it can certainly be said that it was worth the wait. It’s a very strong and powerful album from the five piece and really sees the band firing from all cylinders from start to finish.

One of the strongest elements of the album is how chunky the instrumentation is, and it really makes the album something special. It hits you like a brick wall; it’s just so meaty and full of momentum, and the substantial vocals atop of it aids Autere to pack a real punch with this album.

Horizon is an unexpected highlight of the album. It starts off with chugging guitars and bellowed vocals, and doesn’t really start off any different to any of the other tracks, but when the clean vocals kick in along with the keys/synth, that’s when you realise it’s something special. It’s a small injection of melody that fits in perfectly amongst the noise and chaos, and the guitar solo in the latter half of the track serves to add that further sparkle to it. In all honesty, there isn’t a track on the album that stands out as being bad, but Horizon most definitely has that special something about it.

If you like your metal, and you have a working set of ears, then it goes without saying you’ll love this. At times there is a lack of variation, but other than that, Amal’l is a truly great album and Autere can be proud of what they have achieved with this.


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