Picks Of The Month: August 2017

Well August was a bit good for new music, wasn’t it? We struggled to narrow down our choices but here they are – make sure you give them a listen!

Nat’s Picks

Crimfall – Amain
Track to check out: Wayward Verities
Our review: http://www.soundscapemagazine.com/crimfall-amain-review/

Crimfall are back with one of their best albums ever! Amain shows this band at the top of their game – make sure you don’t miss this one.

Ghost Of The Avalanche – Obsessive Compulsive Gender Dysphoria
Track to check out: Oblivion
Our review: http://www.soundscapemagazine.com/ghost-avalanche-obsessive-compulsive-gender-dysphoria-review/

Short, powerful and to the point, Obsessive Compulsive Gender Dysphoria packs a massive punch!

Eskimo Callboy – The Scene
Track to check out: MC Thunder
Our review: http://www.soundscapemagazine.com/eskimo-callboy-scene-review/

You want something catchy and seriously memorable? Just check this out and blast it at top volume!

Dave’s Picks

Funeralglade – May The Funeral Begin
Track to check out: Death (Only Way Out)
Our review: http://www.soundscapemagazine.com/funeralglade-may-funeral-begin-review/

Is possibly the most important death metal release of 2017.

The Necromancers – Servants Of The Salem Girl
Track to check out: Salem Girl Part 1
Our review: http://www.soundscapemagazine.com/necromancers-servants-salem-girl-review/

Such a classy album with its raw vigour and mystical leanings making for a detailed listening experience.

Void Ritual – Heretical Wisdom
Track to check out: Breathing Ice
Our review: http://www.soundscapemagazine.com/void-ritual-heretical-wisdom-review/

This album does Black Metal with a heavy accent and tidy inflections. Just the way Mother North used to make.

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