Attila – Electric Ballroom, London 06/03/15

attila uk tourFathoms (6/10) enter to a loud crowd who are excited for the night. The band put on a bit of a boring performance; the only person who had any energy was the lead vocalist and even he looked a little dissociated. They did perform musically well, however it was a bit samey and boring to listen to. The band didn’t seem to put any real passion into their set but the crowd did love them and they moshed and jumped through out the short set to a good response from the room.

Silent Screams (4/10) came on to a pumped crowd who were nicely warmed up after Fathoms. The band started playing and it started off well until the obvious signs of a band trying too hard began to show. The vocalist kept trying to get the crowd to interact and it failed to get a reaction from the crowd which was just uncomfortable to watch after so many failed attempts. Their instrumentation was strong, as were their vocals, but it was nothing special and it seemed like they lacked originality. After poor stage presence and an unresponsive crowd they finally got some results in their last song where the crowd were very friendly and reacted positively without excessive punishment.

Attila (9/10 came onto an excited crowd who knew they were in for a treat. The band kicked straight into the music and the crowd were off their feet from the first note right through until the encore had finished. Attila may be one of the most controversial metal bands on the planet at the moment, but they put on a absolutely incredible show. Every member of the band looked to be having fun, the way they moved around the stage and worked the crowd was impressive to see and they made the 1000 strong crowd dance, mosh, jump and sing along through out the entirety of their set. Front man Fronz can scream very well live and the fact he can rap while screaming puts him on a level above the majority of screamers in modern metal. The band as a whole can perform superbly and are probably one of the most fun acts around.

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