Introducing Attack! Attack!

Introducing Attack! Attack!

Each month we feature a new band to plug to you and your curious ears. This month we decided to pick out Attack! Attack! And why not?

Hailing from South Wales Attack! Attack! are just a bowlful of joy and warm hearted rock ‘n roll. Even for the old school Dopamine fans like ourselves who thought there was no way they could produce better songs than what Dopamine had already created, well they went ahead and tried and weren’t too far off.

Featuring main vocalist and guitarist Neil Star, who’s voice is pretty unique in it’s own sense. It would be hard for him to lose that soft melodic feel he’s always come out with. Let’s just put it simple and say Attack! Attack! are a much happier bunch of lads both lyrically and on stage.

Although it’ll never quite beat how raw and emotional, and forever remembered Dopamine are the underground scene, it’s a nice refresher when you need something to dance around to, sing along to, look silly and remember that slight commercialism within bands can have it’s upsides. Sometimes.


Catch them out on tour this May –

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