A Trust Unclean – Reality Relinquished Review

reality relinquishedTechnical death metallers A Trust Unclean are back with their new EP Reality Relinquished and whilst it’s not really a bad listen, there’s nothing about it that sets A Trust Unclean apart from the crowd and is a rather unengaging release.

It just isn’t an EP that excites you as it’s all been done before. It’s not that inspiring and nothing about the release jumps out of you and grabs your attention, so it’s difficult to focus on it from start to finish. A Trust Unclean could have quite easily put another band’s name on the EP and nobody would be any the wiser because there’s nothing that uniquely identifies the music as being theirs; it’s almost like they’re trying to blend into the background and do the same as everyone else, rather than craft a more memorable piece. It’s just a cut and paste approach that results in a rather bland listen, no matter how many times you hear it.

Try as I may, Reality Relinquished is not a release that provokes any sort of reaction in me. It feels like it has potential and it’s not dreadful; it just lacks originality and depth.


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