Atrox – Monocle Review

It’s always good when you come across something a little different and a release that definitely goes against the grain is Monocle, the latest effort from Atrox. Billed as a band that has a constantly evolving sound (the band started off as melodic doom but have progressed into more of an experimental industrial/prog approach), it’s definitely fair to say expect the unexpected with this band, and Monocle is no exception to this rule.

There’s a good element of darkness to Monocle with some absolutely crushing heaviness, whilst simultaneously having a great melodic and more vibe to it at times. The balance is just right and as a result, makes for a gripping listen and I am in love. It’s impossible to pigeonhole into one specific style and approach, and that’s what makes it so good.

One of the strongest tracks on the album is Suicide Days, a track which features a great wall of sound and noise in some parts, and features more stripped back sections in others. It’s one of the more electronically-driven songs and it features some seriously catchy melodies and ideas destined to get stuck in your head. Additionally, the power behind the vocals is something to behold.

Atrox have created a pretty awesome piece with Monocle. You never quite know what’s going to happen next, so it’s a listen that will keep you on the edge of your seat and it’s a very rewarding bit of work as a result.


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