Atreyu – Long Live Review

Long Live AtreyuAtreyu are back, and it isn’t a moment too soon after their 2011 hiatus – indeed, it feels like they have never been away!

Long Live is their first full-length release from the five-piece since their break and it could perhaps be their most powerful album yet. It has that ‘classic’ Atreyu style to it yet is also fresh and exciting, with a new twist to their sound – which is great, because it would be disappointing to see them simply put out The Curse 2.

One of the best things about Long Live is the fact that it doesn’t feature a single song that stands out as being bad. Each track packs a punch and whilst they all have their own distinct identity, they also fit together well as part of a bigger picture. A particular highlight is eighth track Heartlines And Flatlines, a track so catchy it’ll be rattling round your head for days. The hard-hitting instrumentation and verses juxtaposes perfectly against the sing-along chorus and there’s a wonderful section in the middle that sounds tailor-made for a bit of fist-pumping and chanting crowd participation in a live environment before cascading into what could perhaps be one of the best Atreyu guitar solos yet. This track in particular is not one to be missed.

All in all, Long Live is another powerful and memorable release from Atreyu – it’s good to have them back!


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