Blast From The Past: Atreyu – Lead Sails Paper Anchor

Atreyu lead sails paper anchorIt’s almost hard to believe it’s been seven years since the release of Atreyu’s fourth album Lead Sails Paper Anchor, which first hit stores in August 2007. With a bit of a departure in sound from their previous three offerings, which had more of a metalcore style, the album was met with mixed reactions, which was a bit of a shame because it really is a great album. One of the best things about Atreyu is their uncanny ability to write earworms that will be stuck rattling round your head for days on end, and Lead Sails Paper Anchor is definitely an example of them doing what they do best.

The album gets off to a running start with massive opener Doomsday which has a big chorus, plenty of shredding and everything you could possibly want from the first track of an album. It grabs your interest and holds it fantastically. It juxtaposes the two vocalists well against one another – Alex’s harsh vocals contrasted with Brandon’s clean vocals have always been a great element’s of the band’s sound and this song showcases them especially well.

The album progresses magnificently from there, with particular highlights being When Two Are One, which features a chorus that just has to be sung along to, and No One Cares, which is one of the more melodic inclusions, has some rather wonderful lyrics that resonate well. However, the highlight of the album has to be Blow. A formidable track both live and on CD, it stands out from the crowd with its energy and one of the most impressive things about this song is that it’s a rather aggressive number despite not featuring much harsh vocals, going to show that Atreyu can create different moods in a whole host of ways.

It has sometimes been said that Lead Sails Paper Anchor is one of the weaker offerings from Atreyu, but that couldn’t be less true – it’s a great album that shows the band at the top of their game and still sounds as fresh as it did the first time I heard it seven years ago.


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