A Tale Of Two Cities – New Horizons EP Review

A Tale Of Two Cities – New Horizons EP


I recently checked out A Tale Of Two Cities as they are playing a gig with Hearts Under Fire that I will be attending, and I’m so glad that I did as this EP has fast made it onto the ‘Most Played’ list on my ipod.

This 4 track EP kicks off with my favourite track here, and first single and video ‘Four Words’. It’s a pounding slice of melodic post hardcore with an excellent vocal line and is memorable as hell.

‘Familiar Traits’ continues along the same vein, Karl’s vocals really stand out here, passionate and powerful, they fit with the music perfectly.

The band slow it down a little on ‘The Fire Burning Through Our Wings’, the song is very reminiscent of early Funeral For A Friend, with some aggressive vocals thrown in for good measure.

‘Machine’ is the final track here and has a huge chorus line, chuck in some effective aggressive vocals and you have an excellent finish to this EP.

The band are set the release a new single in April and as previously mentioned are hitting the road with Hearts Under Fire also in April.





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