As Lions – Selfish Age Review

AS LIONS SELFISH AGEHaving already been seriously impressed by new material from Mustan Kuun Lapset and Vorna in 2017, I’m beginning to feel like I can safely say that 2017 is going to be an awesome year for new music, and the debut album from As Lions certainly backs up that claim. Quite simply, this album is tremendous.

Admittedly, I’m not a person that usually gravitates towards music under the alt-rock/metal umbrella, so if anything the fact I immediately connected with this album on my first listen makes it all the more impressive. The songwriting is top-notch, with As Lions delivering one earworm after another, and in particular, the vocal performance is something to behold. There’s a lot of power behind frontman Austin’s voice, and he gives a strong vocal delivery from start to finish – and what is particularly good is that whilst his vocals are the main driving force behind the piece, the music doesn’t rely solely on his vocals to progress as there’s plenty of great solos and foot-tappingly good drumlines that will get your foot tapping and your fist pumping in the air in a live environment.

What’s good about Selfish Age is the fact that As Lions have clearly taken their time over it. Despite having been a band for roughly two years, this is their first full-length release and it’s all killer with no filler. Each song packs a punch in its own way, from the fast-paced and more aggressively-performed The Suffering to the serious earworm of a title track Selfish Age (it’s nigh-on impossible to listen to that chorus without wanting to sing along). There’s no ‘weak’ songs on this album, which is no mean feat!

Selfish Age is incredible; that’s all there is to it! I’m already eager to catch this talented band live to see whether the songs will translate well in a live environment (although judging by the quality and sheer passion to the music, that’s surely a no brainer!) and with an album as good as this, the future is surely bright for this excellent up-and-coming band.


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