As It Is – The Garage, London 13/05/15

As It Is 2014

This Wild Life/As It Is headed out on a co-headline tour and to date, it is This Wild Life’s third headline tour and As It Is’ biggest headline tour. The crowd sure are in for a treat with a line up of fun bands waiting to give it their all.

Boston Manor (6/10) come onto a small crowd whom have no immediate reaction to the band. The band are incredibly lively but unfortunately the crowd fail to get involved even though they are giving it their all. The vocalist actually uses his microphone as an instrument, which a lot of vocalists fail to do. However his vocals were constant throughout the set and the band all looked to be having fun.

Seaway (6/10) come onstage to a bigger crowd and have just as much trouble grabbing the crowd’s attention as Boston Manor at the start but that soon picked up and the crowd jumped and moshed under the command of the band. They had high energy but their performance wasn’t too thrilling to watch. They all played incredibly well but they just looked a bit uncomfortable and awkward while doing so.

This Wild Life (7/10) came on stage, set their equipment up and jumped straight in to it and the crowd roared with glee. Vocalist Kevin has an incredibly relaxing, soothing voice that sounds exactly like it does on their album Clouded and he had so much energy and passion as he danced about the stage with his microphone. The crowd sung along at the top of their voices and swayed when relevant. The atmosphere that filled the room was one of peace and unity as the band performed a range of songs from across their discography. Meanwhile, multi-instrumentalist Anthony showed off his impeccable guitar playing, his lovely harmonies and his incredible drumming ability as he glided around the stage and looked as happy as a man who won the lottery. The duo fill the stage well and the crowd adore them as they singing along and watch them with awe.

As It Is (9/10) enter the stage to an incredibly ready crowd. The band start with some dramatic classical music which turns into Ant and Dec which then drops into their own music and the crowd couldn’t be more thrilled. The band perform with high energy and stage presence on a completely different level to the other bands playing. Although lead singer Patty’s vocals are high and whinny, he hit impressive low screams which was surprising to hear. All members looked to be having fun, but they looked restricted and if they had a bigger stage, they would have been able to cut lose a little bit more and maybe do some tricks with their instruments. The crowd were off their feet the entire set, jumping, crowd surfing and moshing, and they sung along and did everything that was asked of them. A high energy performance, a lively crowd and incredible songs makes a fantastic pop punk mess of sweat and happy faces; this is a band to lookout for in the future.

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