A Sense Of Gravity – Atrament Review

a-sense-of-gravity-atramentAtrament is the brand new album from progressive metallers A Sense Of Gravity. It’s an adventurous and exciting album, with lots of twists and turns to maintain your interest.

When the album first gets going with big opener Drowning In The Ink, it sounds like it could potentially just be an album emulating Devin Townsend, as there is a massive DTP vibe to the song, but thankfully your assumptions are soon thrown out the window as the band progresses into a different approach entirely! Indeed, the beauty of Atrament is that it doesn’t stick to one rigid style for too long and it means that the album is much more of an engaging listen because of this. The album switches from gloriously technical guitar moments to epic orchestral sections to brutally heavy hardcore-style vocals at the drop of a hat, and although this Jekyll-And-Hyde approach may not work for everyone, it definitely does for A Sense Of Gravity and this unique approach definitely helps them to stand out from the crowd.

Atrament is jam-packed full of excellent inclusions but perhaps one deserving of a little closer attention is fifth track Artificially Ever After. As soon as the track hits, you know it’s going to be a good one as it’s a song brimming with emotion and atmosphere as the band sets the scene and the vocals on this one are something to behold – there’s so many impressive performances throughout that you almost don’t know which bit to pay attention to!

To summarise, Atrament is an album that is definitely worth checking out. It’s an appealing and exciting listen that hits all the right notes, and is a release that A Sense Of Gravity can undoubtedly be proud of.


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