Asenblut – Legenden Review

Released on: 16th February 2018

There’s no doubting that Legenden, the new EP from Asenblut, has a lot of balls but unfortunately it doesn’t quite have the substance to go along with the mighty performance.

It’s clear that there’s a lot of passion behind the performance given on the EP but musically there isn’t a lot of stuff going on and each of the songs (barring the Manowar cover, for obvious reasons) seems to follow the same format. It’s a shame because it definitely feels like Asenblut has the ability to create something better than this but unfortunately they’ve just fallen a little flat instead.

After several listens, this EP just hasn’t seemed to leave an impression on me. It’s a lively and energetic piece of work but the instrumentation is a little one-dimensional and the growled vocals just sound somewhat monotonic – a little more variety and depth to it all would go a long way.

Legenden just doesn’t go the distance and it’s disappointing because Asenblut is surely capable of better than this. There’s no doubting each band members abilities, but they haven’t reached their full potential this time round. However, I await their next release with interest.


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