Arkona – Vozrozhdenie Review

arkona-vozrozhdenieFor me, Arkona is one of those bands that I like and respect, but have never quite managed to connect with. Over the years, I’ve given their discography a couple of tries and whilst I enjoy some of their later albums, it’s been their earlier releases that have been the biggest stumbling block for me – so when it was announced that the band would be re-recording their debut album Vozrozhdenie, I wondered if this would be the missing piece of the puzzle for me.

As a whole, everything just sounds more polished and refined; whilst the songs haven’t undergone any drastic alterations, there’s a definite freshness to it all and the renewed energy and momentum is fantastic to hear. The instrumentation is smoother and packs more of a punch, with everything seeming to gel together so much better, and the tighter feel certainly works in Arkona’s favour. The vocals are refined and controlled, with the performance as a whole just so much more colourful, emotive and vibrant – it’s clear that frontwoman Masha has worked hard on taking her vocals to the next level on this re-release.

All I can say, is talk about an impressive re-release! This is something that will certainly appeal to older fans of the band, whilst also serving as a good starting point for people discovering Arkona for the first time. In short – don’t miss this album!


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