Architects – Motion Bristol, 09/03/15

Tonight kicks off Architects giant tour of the UK bringing along a mammoth handful of metal friends. We find ourselves in a warehouse off a back road that looks like a host for secret raves but tonight metal finds a new home.

As Bless The Fall continue the chaos created by Counter Parts, the crowd are already going berserk and leave security baffled by such antics who then spend most of the night standing on the side bemused filming on various phones. It’s short but sweet as they make way for louder titans Every Time I Die. The crowd have been hyped all night, between set ups sees the odd few start a most pit to Slipknot’s Duality and it only bemuses security more.

Every Time I Die are veterans of the scene, hugely respected and have certainly created a lasting impression in the music industry. Despite various (drum and bass) member changes they continue to get stronger and stronger. Opener ‘No Sun Of Mine’ erupts the crowd into a frenzy despite the muddy sound of the “venue”. They’re a band that just don’t stop, each with their own strong character on stage, they literally just don’t stop. They end with ‘Moor’ off latest album ‘From Parts Unknown’ and it’s a treat to hear. The crowd go crazy one last time and the band leave like headliners.

Architects have achieved a lot in the last few years and deservedly so. Latest album ‘Lost Forever // Lost Together’ feels like they’ve truly found their sound, the perfect mix and attitude. Opening with ‘Broken Cross’ they only continue to plough through the set of hits. The Brighton group own the stage and it feels like everyone in the venue is going for it whether they’re singing along harmonically or just going bat shit crazy in the pit. Everything feels perfect, the atmosphere, lights, the fluidity of the set and the reaction. There’s a feeling through out on stage that the band are grateful for those coming tonight. Frontman Sam Carter creates that impression on stage talking to the fans like friends.

Tonight has been quite the experience for those here for the very first time or having watched the band grow over various years. They leave the stage heroes having created what feels like a very special gig and that’s what’s so great about shows like tonight, all the bands have the ability to create a lasting impression for each and every show.

People leave the warehouse lost for words. Here’s to great British metal we say.


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