Arcane North – Enter The Arcane North Review

arcane north enter the arcane northEnter The Arcane North is, as the name suggest, the debut offering from one-man atmospheric black metal band Arcane North and it’s a decent starting point for the project. Three tracks in duration yet also a lengthy EP, there’s certainly enough to contend with on this release.

Ravenous And Cavernous is a fantastic start to proceedings. With a good meaty introduction, the track really takes its time and lets the listener fully absorb it as it progresses. There’s a great rawness to the vocals and the middle section that shifts into sparseness is a great touch, dividing up the track nicely before the noise is brought once more. One of the best things of this track is the way the melodies and riffs take different forms in both the heavy and softer sections, weaving in and out and appearing in different styles.

Second track Eternal Forest Waltz is a little more of a difficult listen, not quite packing the same sort of punch as the previous track, and sticks to one sole style and format the whole way through, so it is subsequently difficult to maintain interest the whole way through as a result. However, things go out with a bang with the closing track Beneath The Crooked Oak. An intriguing number, the vocals are incredible in this one – whether they’re chanted, screamed or deeply sung – and the whole atmosphere within the track is something to behold. It’s a good, triumphant end to the EP.

There are some creases that need ironing out, but Enter The Arcane North is a good starting point and it will be interesting to see what Arcane North conjures up with its next release.


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