Picks Of The Month: April 2017

Another month over, and another helping of excellent music! We run through our favourite releases from April!

Natalie’s Picks

Sleepmakeswaves – Made Of Breath Only
Track to check out: Into The Arms Of Ghosts
Our review: http://www.soundscapemagazine.com/sleepmakeswaves-made-of-breath-only-review/

The new album from Sleepmakeswaves really left a strong impression on me; it’s ambient and atmospheric, and is a very moving piece as a whole.

Dead By April – Worlds Collide
Track to check out: I Can’t Breathe
Our review: http://www.soundscapemagazine.com/dead-by-april-worlds-collide-review

I wasn’t so fussed on the band’s last album but Worlds Collide is a definite return to form for DBA – and hearing Pontus Hjelm’s clean vocals once again is such a treat!

Dave’s Picks

Ulver – The Assassination of Julius Caesar
Track to check out: Rolling Stone
Our review: http://www.soundscapemagazine.com/ulver-the-assassination-of-julius-caesar-review/

Loves’ sole woes / We see wolves evolve

Life of Agony – A Place Where There’s No More Pain
Track to check out: Bag of Bones
Our review: http://www.soundscapemagazine.com/life-of-agony-a-place-where-theres-no-more-pain-review/

LoA pick up where they left off twelve years ago making this their ultimate album.

Steve Kirk – Thimbleweed Park OST
Track to check out: No Quarter
Our review: http://www.soundscapemagazine.com/steve-kirk-thimbleweed-park-ost/

“I am David Oberlin, mighty flooring inspector.”

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