Aphemia – Playing Dead Review

aphemiaAphemia are a band that are very good at breaking the mould when it comes to genres, with their electronic-infused rock making them stand out in a good way, and their latest EP Playing Dead doesn’t disappoint.

The first track is the title track and it’s just over 4 and a half minutes of pure awesomeness. Beginning with a catchy riff that you’ll swiftly find yourself nodding your head along to and when the full band kicks in, it brings the song to a whole new level. It’s an intense and gripping song that you’ll keep wanting to revisit again and again, with lots of intricate little details interwoven into the song. It shows you exactly what this band are capable of and is a fantastic way of grabbing your attention.

Following this is Fall From Grace, which is a funky little number that soon worms its way into your head. Although not quite as strong as the previous offering, it really holds its own and there’s a great instrumental section in the middle that almost divides the song into two parts and it’s almost like a calm moment for you to catch your breath before the energy builds up and hits you again like a ten tonne truck.

Playing Dead is fantastic stuff as always from this talented five-piece and costs just £2 from their bandcamp so you really can’t go wrong and it even comes with a bonus remix of Fall From Grace for good measure! Quite simply, Aphemia are a band to watch out for!


Aphemia: Bandcamp|Facebook|Twitter

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