Aphemia – Terminus Review

APHEMIA TERMINUSAphemia is a band that’s been on my radar since being fairly impressed by them in the tail-end of 2013, and their new EP Terminus is another strong effort from them.

Terminus is a powerful EP that is concise and to the point, with Aphemia performing five awesome tracks that all leave an impression on you in their own way. There’s enough variety to the piece that each track is differently delivered to one another, but the flow is good and each track progresses well into the next – and with each song having the ability to get stuck in your head, you can definitely say that Aphemia have done well at creating music that will leave an impression on you.

Bring Me Back is an early highlight that features a rather empowered vocal performance – the passion in it is second to none – and the funky guitar line underneath gives the song a tonne of momentum and drive. Meanwhile, later track Chemical is a big epic number and as one of the more melodically-driven tracks with a nice heavy undertone to it, it packs a punch and brings Terminus to a triumphant finish.

All in all, another great release from Aphemia – they are a band on top of their game and Terminus is testament to this. Check them out, you won’t be disappointed.


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