Antropomorphia – Sermon Ov Wrath Review

Antropomorphia - Sermon ov WrathI first heard of Antropomorhia with the release of their third album Rites Ov Perversion and they’re now back with their next offering, Sermon Ov Wrath. Following on in a similar vein to the last album, this is again nothing groundbreaking but it is an alright listen.

Featuring nine powerful tracks, there’s a lot of energy and momentum behind the music, and the driving force behind it all is tremendous – the flow is fantastic and feels very natural as the band progresses from one song to the next. Additionally, there’s a lot of passion within the music – particularly evident in songs such as the meaty Sinful Rapture and the hard-hitting second track Suspiria de Profundis is a magnificent wall of noise that will also get your head banging.

Although Sermon Ov Wrath is a good listen, I’m hesitant to say for a second time that if you liked their last releases, then you’ll also like this – because it just feels like a lazy way out as they’ve just followed the same format as the previous releases. It’s almost like Antropormorphia have found one thing that has worked for them and are continuing to run with that approach, rather than trying something different, and it’s disappointing because the band could be so much more than this.


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