Anthony Green – Young Legs Review

Anthony Green - Young LegsAnthony Green is well known for his voice. It’s unique and has a lulling effect. His latest solo album, Young Legs showcases these traits even better than his previous work and combines it with a beautifully soft writing style.

Title track Young Legs is a beautiful song that will make you think of elegant dancers, whilst 100 Steps makes you think of bright sunshine filled days and fun times.

When You Sang To Me is a wonderful track. It’s toe-tapping whilst also being very lulling. The guitar works a strong melody all of it’s own whilst the echoing vocal pulls you in.

Anytime unfortunately quickly becomes the single most annoying song on the planet. It just feels endlessly like it’s repeating the word “Anytime” more than it needs to and very much in a tone that grates on you.

But the album is quickly recovered by I’ll Miss You which showcases some beautiful lyrics alongside a piano. The song is soft, but big.

The album ends with the massive You Have To Believe It Will Happen. It’s a song all about success and believing in yourself. A fantastic message to end the album on.

Anthony Green is always doing music just for himself and as ever this is evident on this record. It’s driving and induces a real rollercoaster ride of emotions. If you’re a fan you’re gonna love it, if you’re new then this is a great chill out record.


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