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Animus Fall Of The EliteSometimes you know a release is going to be incredible as soon as you hear the first few notes of the introduction, and as soon as the opening track Damnation began, my first thought was instantly “wow!” followed by a second thought of “how on earth am I going to be able to write a review that does this EP justice?” Quite simply, Fall Of The Elite is an incredible EP. It’s noisy when it needs to be and chilled when the occasion calls for it, and it just makes for an all-round mindblowing listen.

Damnation is wholly engaging with a powerful vocal delivery from start to finish courtesy of frontman Aaron, and the guitar line is both engaging and destined to be stuck inside your head for all eternity. dB666 picks up right where Damnation left off, with the whole band powering through the track at a speed of knots. The double-kick needs to be heard to be believed and the synth/keys in the middle inject exactly the right amount of melody into the chaotic cacophony of music.

The thing that hits you about third track Home(less) is the wild guitar solo at the beginning which slots in underneath the vocals. It’s a bit like the two are battling for dominance and then without warning you’re suddenly dropped into a headbangingly-fantastic heavy section with clashing notes, bellowed vocals and hammering drums. The closer Fall Of The Elite begins a little unexpectedly, however. It begins with piano and an acoustic guitar, rather than the aural assault of the prior three tracks…and then all hell breaks loose. It’s like you’ve been lulled into believing that this track will be a calm and relaxed ending, but it’s one final burst of relentless energy before ending with a bang.

To say this is fantastic is an understatement because this really is a phenomenal piece of work. If this is just an EP, then who knows how great the album will be?


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